Big Issue Episode 1-24

Korean Drama Big Issue Synopsis
Big Issue tells the story of a Paparazzi who pursues a celebrity scandal.
About the state of the world amid the hustle and bustle of the Paparazi media Just because a photo is circulating in the media, makes a man have to lose everything.
From work to beloved family. Ji Soo Hyun (Han Ye Seul), is the editor in chief of the Paparazi group .

The Doctor Prisoner (TV series) Episode 1-20

Korean Drama Synopsis Doctor Prisoner
Doctor Prisoner tells the story of a doctor named Na Yi Je (Nam Goong Min) and life in a hospital. A doctor at one of the University Hospitals, is very skilled in treating his patients without discrimination.
However, one day his medical permit was suspended by the hospital, because he did a malpractice . When a new director appeared at the hospital, there was a commotion.
He finally got a certificate as an internist and applied for a doctor in a prison. There he met with various inmate characters.

Possessed Korean Drama Episode 1-14

Korean Drama Synopsis Possessed
Possessed tells of Kang Pil Sung (Song Sae Byuk) a detective who has extraordinary instincts. However, he has a rude and lazy nature, but still has a soft hearted side.
Whereas Hong Seo Jung (Go Joon Hee) has good psychological abilities, but hides it from people. He chose to keep his distance from others and live his life lonely.
At that time, Kang Pil Sung was investigating a case and finally met Hong Seo Jung. Kang Pil Sung thinks that Hong Seo Jung has a different personality than the others who eventually interested Kang Pil Sung.
They are now starting to solve various cases together with their abilities.

Her Private Life Episode 1-4

Sinopsis Drama Korea Her Private Life
Her Private Life tells about Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young) who works as a " Curator" in an art gallery. On the other hand, Duk Sung Mi is a huge fan of idol group member named Cha Shi-An (One (Jung Je-Won)) and quietly running fan site ( Fansite ) to Cha Shi-An. Because of his love for Cha Shi-An, he often quarreled and broke up with his girlfriend
One day, Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook) started working as a new director at the art gallery where Sung Duk Mi works. He was once a famous painter, but he decided not to paint anymore. Ryan Gold also has no interest in other people's lives, but by coincidence, Ryan Gold knows that Sung Duk Mi is a fan of Cha Shi-An and runs a website ( Fansite ) for him. Because of this, Ryan Gold felt interested in Sung Duk Mi's life.

The Banker Episode 1-16 Korean Drama

Korean Drama Synopsis The Banker
The Banker tells about Noh Dae Ho (Kim Sang Joong) who is an honest and sincere man. He worked at a Daehan Bank as a branch manager. The company is located in a small town.
Noh Dae Ho was promoted to an auditor at the Bank's head office located in Seoul. There he had to face corruption that occurred in a central bank.

Because It’s My First Love Episode 1-8 (COMPLETED)

Sinopsis Drama Korea My First First Love
My First First Love tells the story of the life of Yoon Tae Oh (Ji Soo) and his friends. For various personal reasons, Yoon Tae Oh's friends moved to his house.
Since then a close relationship of friendship has been established, to the love between them.

Fellow Citizens / People of the Country (TV series) Episode 1-12

Korean Drama Synopsis My Fellow Citizens
My Fellow Citizens tells about Yang Jung Kook (Choi Shi Won) a veteran fraudster, unfortunately he was never arrested. One day, his girlfriend suddenly brought his money and ran away. The money is actually the money they will use to get married.
Seeing his girlfriend's treatment, Yang Jung Kook was very upset and he entertained himself by drinking. Finally he met Kim Mi Young (Lee Yoo Young). Kim Mi Young himself is having a difficult time because his girlfriend is having an affair.

Haechi / Hatch Episode 1-40

Haechi Korean Drama Synopsis
Haechi tells of the kingdom in the Joseon dynasty. Where during the Joseon Dynasty there were four people from various walks of life. They held a meeting to make Prince Lee Geum (Jung Il Woo) ascend the throne to become a King and reform the " Saheonbu" . The four people are Lee Geum who is a prince, Yeo Ji (Go Ah Ra) who is a female police detective, Park Moon Soo (Kwon Yul), and Dal Moon (Park Hoon).

Eulachacha Waikiki 2 / Welcome to Waikiki Season 2 (2019) (TV series) Episode 1-8

Sinopsis Drama Korea Welcome to Waikiki 2
Welcome to Waikiki 2 tells the story of Lee Joon Ki (Lee Yi Kyung) who is an actor who has bad luck. He is an unpopular actor and is currently running a guesthouse or inn called "Waikiki". However, the lodging business that he runs with his friends is experiencing defeatism.

Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo Episode 1-8

Korea Special Drama Synopsis Labor Inspector Jo
Inspector Jo's Special Labor tells about Jo Jin Gap (Kim Dong Wook) a former professional Judo athlete. However, he was finally expelled from the sport because he was protesting through fraudulent acts. Finally, Jo Jin Gap left Judo and became a sports teacher. However, Jo Jin Gap was expelled from school because he was in trouble with the son of the head of the school. 
Now Jo Jin Gap is a public official.
Jo Jin Gap tries to live calmly with the work he is doing now. Later, he was transferred to be a labor inspector at a Ministry of Manpower and Labor. Jo Jin Gap began to realize that many people were using power unfairly.

He Is Psychometric Episode 1-12

Synopsis of Korean Drama He Is Psychometric
He Is Psychometric tells about Lee Ahn (Park Jin Young) who has special Psychometric abilities When he touches someone, Lee Ahn can read the person's memory.
With this ability, Lee Ahn wants to kill bad people in this world. Although his appearance looks handsome, actually he is not a smart person.
Meanwhile, Yoon Jae In (Shin Ye Eun) is a girl who keeps wounds in her heart. He always hid the wounds he experienced from people.
One time Lee Ahn and Yoon Jae In met. Now both of them are fighting together to solve various cases.

Neighborhood Lawyers Jo Deul Ho Season 2 / My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2 Episode 1-40 (COMPLETED)

Korean Drama Neighborhood Lawyer Synopsis Jo Deul Ho Season 2
My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2 / Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho Season 2 will tell about the story of Jo Deul Ho (Park Shin Yang) which still continues. Describes a person who was once a lawyer. However, he is currently unemployed.

Top Star Korean Drama U-back Episode 1-11 (COMPLETED)

Synopsis of Korean Top Star U-back Drama
Yoo Baek (played by Kim Ji Suk) is a former idol star, who is arrogant and doesn't care. When he had a big problem, he was exiled to a remote island. When he was there, he was surprised because the place was far from civilization. Soon, he meets a girl and he falls in love with a girl on the island, named Oh Kang Soon (played by Jeon So Min).

Spring Turns Korea to Spring Episode 1-32 (COMPLETED)

Drama Synopsis Korea Spring Turns to Spring
Spring Turns to Spring tells the story of Kim Bo Mi (Lee Yoo Ri) who works as a news anchor on TV news. During this time he only cared about himself.
Meanwhile, Lee Bom (Uhm Ji Won) was once a popular actress and is now the wife of a member of parliament.
He left work in the entertainment world and focused more on becoming a housewife. One time these two women changed bodies.

SKY Castle Episode 1-20 + Special (COMPLETED)

Korean Drama SKY Castle Synopsis
SKY Castle is housed in a four-story apartment building on the outskirts of Seoul, which is inhabited by professionals such as judges, prosecutors, doctors, professors and their wives.
SKY Castle will describe their efforts to include their children in good universities.

Touch Your Heart Episode 1-16 (COMPLETED)

Sinopsis Drama Korea Touch Your Heart
Touch Your Heart tells the story of a romance that happened between a lawyer and a top actress. This story happened when he experienced a downturn in his life because of a scandal.
He faked his position with the aim of becoming a lawyer secretary to star in a drama from a famous writer.

Legal High (2019) Episode 1-16 (COMPLETED)

Sinopsis Drama Korea Legal High (JTBC)
Legal High (JTBC) tells the story of two lawyers who are opposite. Ko Tae Rim (Jin Goo) is a lawyer known as a lawyer with a 100% success rate. Ko Tae Rim knows how and tricks to play with the law. He only thought about how to win cases.
Meanwhile, Seo Jae In (Seo Eun Soo) is a novice lawyer. Himself believes in the law and upholds justice. Seo Jae In wants to help his clients who are trapped in an unfair situation.
Until one day, Seo Jae In realized that as a lawyer he couldn't win cases and felt useless. Finally, Seo Jae In decided to cooperate with Ko Tae Rim.
Notes: This drama series is a remake based on the original story from the Fuji TV television series (Japan) with the title "Rigaru Hai / Legal High" starring Masato Sakai and Yui Aragaki which was aired in 2012.

IU Person

Persona (Netflix)
Love Set, directed by Lee Kyoung-Mi. Love Set tells about two women who were playing tennis intensely.
Collector, directed by Yim Pil-Sung, in this story IU acts as a young woman who can make all men crazy about her.
Kiss Burn, directed by Jeon Go-Woon, tells the story of a girl who tries to take revenge on the father of her friend.
Walking at Night, directed by Kim Jong-Kwan, tells the story of lovers who realize their feelings in their dreams.

My Mother of Mine (TV series) Episode 11 Episode 1-12

Korean Drama Synopsis Mother of Mine
Mother of Mine tells the story of a mother who has 3 daughters. They live as modern Korean people.
In addition, Mother of Mine revealed a message about the level of divorce to the problems of young people who avoid marriage.
Park Sun Ja (Kim Hae Sook) runs a small meat soup restaurant to clean up his three daughters named Kang Mi Sun (Yoo Sun), Kang Mi Ri (Kim So Yun), and Kang Mi Hye (Kim Ha Kyung). Until his three daughters were grown up, Park Sun Ja still ran the restaurant.
Kang Mi Sun as the first daughter is now married and has a daughter. Kang Mi Sun is busy working and taking care of his family.
Kang Mi Ri, as the second daughter, cares deeply about her mother. He has a high level of confidence and always does his job well.