Film Swing Kids

Swing Kids (Korean Movie)
Movie: Swing Kids 
Revised romanization: Seuwingkizeu 
Hangul: 스윙 키즈 
Director: Kang Hyung-Chul 
Writer: Kang Hyung-Chul 
Producer: Ahn Hee-Jin, Yoo Sung-Kwon, Lee An-Na 
Cinematographer: Kim Ji-Yong 
Release Date: December 19, 2018 
Runtime: 133 min. 
Genres: Drama / Period-1950 / Dance 
Distributor: Next Entertainment World 
Language: Korean 
Country: South Korea
Based on Korean musical "Rho Ki-Soo," written by Jang Woo-Sung and directed by Kim Tae-Hyung.
Swing Kids took place in the Korean war around the 1950s. Where prisoners from North Korea and China were placed in a place on Geoje Island, South Korea. There many people's dreams are made in the form of tap dance .

Do Kyung-Soo as Rho Ki-Soo 
Park Hye-Soo as Yang Pan-Rae 
Jared Grimes as Jackson 
Oh Jung-se as Kang Byung-Sam 
Kim Min-Ho as Xiaofang 
Ross Kettle as B. Roberts 
AJ Simmons as Jimmy 
Park Jin- Joo as Linda
Additional Cast Members:
Song Jae-Ryong - Sam-Sik 
David Lee - Kwang-Kuk 
Joo Hae-Eun-Mae-Hwa 
Park Hyoung-Soo - translator 
Kim Min-Jae - voice of Ro Ki-Jin 
Lee Dong-Yong - black marketeer 
Jo Kyoung-Hyun - task leader 
Lim Chae-Seon - Mooki High School Teacher Im 
Jin Yong-Ok - cook 
Kim Tae-Gyeom - pro-communist leadership of 
Kim Hee-Sang - cheering squad vice-captain 
Kang Sung-Ho - master band
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